Real Estate Tax Sales

Real Estate Tax Sales

Owners of, Lenders on, Interested Parties to property sold for delinquent taxes
     • Objections to Petitions for Issuance of Tax Deed
     • Petitions to vacate Orders of Issuance of Tax Deeds

Former owners of property lost to Tax Deed
     • Petitions for Indemnity against County Treasurers

Purchasers of Certificate of Purchase at county tax sales
     • Due diligence in preparation for filing Notices and Petitions
     • Filing Section -22-5 Take Notice
     • Filing Petition for Tax Deed
     • Filing Application and Affidavit for Issuance of Tax Deed
     • Prove-up court hearings
     • Motions attacking Petition for Tax deed or orders for Issuance of Tax Deed
     • Petitions for Sale-in-Error

Delinquent property owners
     • Defense of Actions in Debt, filed by the State’s Attorney’s Office

Tax sale entrepreneurs
     • Investment counseling

Fees for services can be contingent based or by agreement.

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